Top 3 Most Common AdWords Mistakes That Kill ROI

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Have you or your business attempted to advertise on AdWords and have yet to see a return on your investment? It is not surprising and more common than you think to fail at driving conversions with AdWords. Building and optimizing a profitable SEM lead generation funnel is significantly more complicated than bidding on the keywords that reflect buying intent for your product or service.

In addition to appearing in the correct search engine landscapes, in order to really succeed with pay-per-click marketing, users need to be led through an effective online experience that reinforces the messaging of their original search throughout the landing page and conversion funnel.

Many businesses we speak to report that they have been able to make an appealing pitch in their ad copy, driving solid click-thru-rates at an affordable cost per click, but the traffic does not appear to be high quality because users do not take their desired conversion action after clicking through. This is a common problem which could be resolved by identifying where users are failing to take action in the conversion funnel. In order to do this, proper conversion tracking needs to be established before AdWords can utilize these conversion events to learn which traffic converts best.

Here are the top 3 mistakes AdWords users are making in 2018 causing low ROI (return on investment):

Poor Landing Page Experience

This is the first and most important missed opportunity for most advertisers on AdWords. Despite the time and effort put into constructing a granular and highly targeted search engine marketing strategy, high bounce rate and poor conversion performance will plague accounts that direct paid traffic to poorly designed landing pages or a business’ home page. This is not a problem unique to a particular industry, affecting advertisers in eCommerce as well as business service industries and local advertisers alike.

The reason so many businesses struggle with landing page performance is that they typically do not design unique experiences on their site to speak to the intent of each user. Internet browsers are fast-moving, low attention span creatures who need to be reinforced with exactly what they seek in order to maintain interest in the content they are viewing. If your landing pages are struggling to convert, try incorporating language on the page that aligns with your ad copy, and speaks to the intent reflected in the keywords you are bidding on rather than trying to make an upsell or clever catch phrase.

Not Bidding On Brand Terms (Low CPC)

In search engine marketing lingo, brand terms are keywords bid on in AdWords which contain your brand name in them, as well as any other terms which could appear alongside it, like a city name. For inexperienced advertisers, it seems counterintuitive to spend money bidding on terms which they likely appear for organically in high position. However, our experience has demonstrated that brand terms frequently drive the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA) and strongest click through rates (CTR) due to the high intent of the users searching them.

It makes sense logically – users who put in the effort of typing your brand name are more likely to be aware of your brand and follow through with an action on the page they visit next. However if you are not convinced that bidding on these terms would be profitable, consider this fact: according to Wordstream, brand CPC’s are typically 10% the cost of non-brand terms – a whopping 90% cheaper average cost per click relative to non-brand terms for most advertisers.

Not Using Negative Keywords 

While the keywords you want to show up for are indeed your movers & shakers, it is critical to consider which terms you do not want to serve in the landscape alongside. Establishing a dynamic negative keyword strategy is absolutely critical to increasing the overall relevance of the AdWords traffic you are buying. In addition to improving traffic quality and conversion rate, negative keywords are an essential tool for saving money by preventing your ads from serving in expensive landscapes you may not have considered: competitor brand terms.

To share a real-world example, an AdWords account we rebuilt for a real estate advertiser in the Malibu / Pacific Palisades region was demonstrating a sharp increase in cost per click for our client over what they had been paying historically. We discovered the client had begun serving in competitor search term landscapes, causing a sharp rise on cost per click and prompting the simple solution of a negative keyword list.

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