What Is Your Target Cost Per Customer?

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Which Business Should Use Automated CPA Bidding Strategies?

For smaller-scale advertisers with limited ad budgets, many agencies will propose SEM tactics to drive traffic. This is because they incorrectly believe smaller advertisers benefit less from targeting cost per customer in the UI, when in realty only 30 conversions are needed over 30 days for CPA bidding to work effectively.

Instead of seeking individual optimization points within a large Adwords advertising budget, utilizing CPA bidding allows the AdWords UI to work to filter out traffic that does not intend to convert as opposed to targeting the entire search landscape. This is especially helpful with large volumes of keywords and complex campaign / targeting breakouts like we utilize at resulti media because it enables every dollar to be spent toward the maximum possible ROI.

About Bidding in Target CPA Mode

AdWords can garner demographic and historical search data, combined with context-based queues including which device was used, the location and search intent of the user, as well as whether they previously visited one of your sites (using remarketing lists). All of Google’s demographics data helps identify key moments of intent where the ad should be displayed down-funnel, when the user is closer to making a purchase action.

In order to effectively target cost per customer in AdWords, you will need to properly implement conversion pixel tracking to let AdWords know when users have reached your objective/goal page, which could be a “thank-you” page after submitting a form or a “checkout” page after making a purchase. Many new advertisers struggle with pixel implementation and goal tracking – contact our team of professional AdWords account specialists for a free quote to make AdWords CPA bidding work for your business.