Top 3 Tips For Success With Adwords Retargeting

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One of the most overlooked opportunities that advertisers miss out on is setting up retargeting campaigns. This is crucial as people who have already visited a website are much more likely to convert compared to someone who hasn’t seen the site before. At Resulti Media, we often feel retargeting campaigns is one of the lowest hanging fruits for brands who are trying to drive sales. This is because retargeting campaigns specifically target visitors who have already visited your website. This audience type frequently results in lower-priced clicks due to ad networks like Google treating this audience as your own asset. Given the relevance of visiting the site earlier, remarketing traffic yields higher conversion rates in many cases. Here are our top three tips to help towards your success with remarketing campaigns:

Tip #1 Frequency Capping

Can you imagine seeing more than 30 advertisements for that company on the same day? Often times seeing that same ad too many times, especially in one day can become redundant and annoying. This can quite possibly be happening to a campaign if frequency capping is not set, we suggest setting your frequency cap to 20-30 impressions / day per user.

While impression caps are critical to protect your brand, do not allow fear of “following” ads turn you off to remarketing. KPIs (key performance indicators) demonstrate higher conversion intent for remarketing audiences, even 30+ days after visiting your website, indicating that relevance does in fact matter.

Tip #2 – Launching Text Ads

When it comes to retargeting, our company has seen the most success with text ads compared to display ads. Most of the time we see a significantly lower cost per click as well as a higher click-through-rate (CTR). Below is a blind example pulled from one of our clients’ active retargeting campaigns, comparing the results of the image ads we tested compared to the text ads:

Blind Case Study - Text Ads Higher CTR Than Image Ads

Tip #3 – Remove Content That is Unlikely to Convert

When you are creating a retargeting campaign don’t forget to exclude irrelevant networks. Some categories that most business might want to consider removing are any gory or sexual content. Another option we suggest removing is being listed on error pages, no one with a high intent is going to click on an ad with a 504 error. See below for our complete list of suggested network filters:

Network Filters AdWords Display Network

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