Why WordPress Is Our #1 Recommended Website Platform For SEO

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For business owners first setting up their online presence, determining which website platform to propagate your website on is a daunting commitment to make if you have little experience interfacing with the popular web platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, or one of their many competitors. To save you time and money, we strongly recommend the world’s most popular platform WordPress (according to WordPress.com) for nearly any website. Our digital marketing agency utilizes WordPress for our clients as well as our own marketing efforts.

WordPress is a free and open source platform that powers many of the websites you already browse. While other platforms possess similar capabilities in terms of creating a clean, elegant design, wordpress is the strongest platform for enabling customized SEO (search engine optimization) for your website. Search engine optimization is the process of introducing your website to organic search engine results pages for keywords that are valuable for your business. In order for your website to display for these keywords, a technical SEO treatment needs to be applied to the site which indicates to Google which keywords you want to show up for. This is not as simple as posting a blog or including a keyword on your website – it requires access to the site’s code, which can be easily achieved using WordPress while platforms like Squarespace or Wix do not allow code manipulation.

While we recommend WordPress for most of our clients due to its superior SEO capabilities outlined below, we make occasional exception for product-oriented or brick-and-mortar businesses who can benefit from Shopify’s simple user interface and dropshipping solutions. Shopify is a great alternative platform for eCommerce businesses, but its entire range of capabilities is present in WordPress as well thanks to a series of plugins called WooCommerce. 

Here are the top 5 reasons WordPress is the best platform for your website’s SEO:

WordPress Sites Can Be Fully Responsive And Adjust To Any Screen Size 

WordPress makes it easy to accommodate rapidly increasing numbers of mobile users with a fully responsive website experience, with little additional coding or manipulation needed. In addition to triggering suppression from visibility in Google search, having a poor mobile experience can drive away users who are looking to take action on your website.

WordPress Allows Metadata Tagging For Post Content

In order for your search engine optimization efforts to succeed, you need to build a content pipeline that produces various forms of online media like blogs, videos, and more – however most website managers do not utilize these posts as an opportunity to write unique metadata (titles and descriptions indexed by Google and utilized in article previews). WordPress makes it easy to apply unique metadata to each post your website publishes.

You Can Download SEO & Sitemap Plugins For Free

Perhaps the strongest aspect of the open-source community behind wordpress is the massive library of free plugins which greatly expand the capabilities and functionality of your website. Free plugins like Yoast SEO make WordPress an easy choice for business owners who need a quick tutorial for priming their new website for SEO. Additionally, Yoast automatically generates a sitemap for your website, which helps search engines index your site’s content over time.

Google Loves WordPress

WordPress was created with simple, clean code, as well as a simplistic URL structure that is highly compatible with Google’s indexing tools. By default with WordPress, your website does not contain “.html” snippets at the end of the URL or other confusing appendages. Additionally, the inherent responsiveness of WordPress indicates to Google that your website will provide an excellent user experience for mobile visitors, which can improve your chances of ranking highly in organic search results.

WordPress Makes It Easy To Optimize Images For SEO

While you may not have thought to account for image optimization in your SEO strategy, optimization how images appear to search engines is critical. With wordpress, new image uploads and image posts can be easily edited to display your target keywords in the image title, description, and alt text (text which displays instead of the image when the image cannot be rendered). Using this feature of wordpress, your images can rank highly for image search results, driving traffic just like your website in organic results.

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