Important Tips for Building Out A Google Ads Search Campaign

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When building a fresh Google ads search account the development can feel overwhelming, especially if you are not entirely familiar with the process. There are endless options and strategies in terms of targeting, bidding, ad copies, etc. Resulti Media LLC would like to provide some tips towards helping launch a successful Google search ads account.

Start With Exact, Expand To Broad

The most common rookie mistake we see beginners make is selecting broad for the keywords match type. It is almost always a bad idea to launch immediately into broad search. It is generally good practice to start off launching exact only keywords and then expanding to phrase, then broad match modifier, and lastly by broad. There are two major reasons why we suggest launching in exact and then expanding to phrase: intent and proper bids. For example, let’s say someone is bidding on the broad term “digital marketing”. If there were no precautions taken (such as negative keywords), the ads might be showing up for “digital marketing fraudsters” or “digital marketing scam”. Not only that, but you could also be bidding the same cost-per-click on two different terms that have a totally different intent. Search terms like “find digital marketing agencies near me” and “what is digital marketing” are going to have the same bids set if you are matching via broad match. The best option is to expand your exact keywords as much as possible so that you can have the most expect bidding by search term.  Another important tip is to regularly go through search term reports and exclude anything deemed irrelevant as well as adding in new exact match keywords from the search term report for potentially more targeted CPCs and advertisements.

Don’t Put Too Many Keywords Into The Same Ad Group

Often times while creating a Google Ads Search account people might not see the importance in separating out groups of keywords into their own ad group. This is very important in terms of having a relevant ad copy to the keyword you are bidding on. For example, if you were building out a google ads search account for digital marketing and one of the service you provide is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it would definitely be in the users best interest to put anything with high intent relating to the words “digital marketing” in a separate ad group from “SEO”. Users like to see something closely relevant to what they have searched, meaning if they were looking for SEO it would be optimal to include the word “SEO” in the ad copy and vice versa for someone who is searching digital marketing.

Test More Than One Ad Copy

There isn’t a clever way to optimize advertisements when you are only running one at a time. Google Ads will by default optimize for the best performing advertisement. This means if Google’s algorithm believes that an advertisement will not serve as well compared to another it can actually dramatically reduce, or even stop serving that advertisement.

Make Sure You Have An Ad Schedule Set

It can be easy to overlook or put much thought into the ad schedule in Google Ads. However, we feel strongly that timing is everything! While certain hours and times of the day might offer cheaper CPCs, they might also be less desirable times for your business and there might be less search volume available. Resulti Media suggests taking these factors into consideration while setting an ad schedule.

Contact Us With Any Questions About Your Google Ads Search Account

If you are trying to build a Google Ads search account don’t hesitate to reach out to Resulti Media. We specialize in PPC and lead generation, the specifically focuses on driving high quality leads at an affordable price for businesses. To learn more about our digital marketing services, visit our website or give us a call: (424) 253-5271.