Why You Should Always Separate Campaigns Out By Device

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        One of the most common missed opportunities to improve the ROI on search engine marketing campaigns is to structure them in such a way that enables you to identify which devices are driving your conversions. Most SEM campaigns our media buying team audits do not properly utilize bidding-down strategies on mobile devices, due to one bid being set for ALL devices rather than individual bids for each.

        In addition to varying bid structures, on most of our SEM verticals, we see completely different intent by device. For example, an SEO company doing PPC might see much higher conversion rates on desktop compared to mobile. Though there might be a lowered intent on certain devices that might still mean it can turn out to be profitable – consider dropping the keyword bid on terms and devices that are showing a lower intent.

         Another reason it can be important to separate out devices is that often times mobile web pages will have a significantly different user experience compared to desktop versions of the page. As a result of a different user experience, it makes sense to separate out these two by the campaign level. Analyzing campaign performance at a grand scale prevents clear insight into your KPIs. For this reason, separating ad groups or campaigns to specifically target devices makes it easy to see which segments are performing at optimal levels and which need improvement. For example, in a campaign of mixed devices a keyword on mobile might have a 1% CTR (clickthrough rate) while for whatever reason it is driving a 15% CTR on desktop and tablet devices. This would be much clearer to you as an analyst if the campaigns were separated out by device.

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