Search Engine Optimization: A Breakdown For Business Owners

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With the digital media landscape changing rapidly, it can be difficult to know what your business may need to thrive. At Resulti Media, we’re here to help. We offer several digital marketing services, including Search Advertising, Responsive Web Design, and SEO.

You’ve probably heard the term “SEO” thrown around often, but there is much more to understanding search engine optimization than just three words.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tactic meant to organically increase the number of times your business is visible in search engine results. SEO is really an umbrella term for anything that is done to a site to increase the number of appearances in search results – it can include using keywords, blog posts, website redesign, or anything else that can cause an increase in awareness. It’s important to remember that understanding consumers is key to utilizing SEO effectively. It’s the patterns consumers create that dictate certain search engine parameters.  SEO is a way to make businesses stand out in the market and attract more customers, while conforming to search engine standards.

What kinds of businesses need SEO?

This powerful tool is rapidly gaining popularity among all types of business owners because it empowers the business to make sure they are properly utilizing platforms meant to send their messages all around the world. Really, SEO is especially important for small business owners – having a seat at the table is invaluable when it comes to digital marketing. This applies to a wide range of industries as well, whether you want to provide goods, services, information, etc.

It’s important to remember that search engines are really just a type of software, meant to sort through millions of data points to bring the searcher results that it “thinks” the searcher is asking for. Like any other program, search engines are defined by certain parameters that control what the output may be. Inputs to the program must fit within the parameters, or else the output will not be as intended. SEO is just a way to make sure a site fits within these constraints, and maximizes the site’s viewing potential according to those constraints and consumer trends.

Do I need SEO?

If you aren’t seeing the amount of traffic and interaction on your website you’d like, SEO is the correct next step for you. This is especially true if you are spending money on paid advertising that simply isn’t panning out – remember, just under 3% of people click on paid search engine ads. It’s important to tailor websites toward consumers, but it’s difficult to know the best way to do this. That’s where we come in. Determining the best course of action for optimizing your site requires interpretation of data from categories like: who is visiting your site, demographic information, when your site is visited, and how much interaction is taking place. Using these statistics, our team can put together an action plan that will produce noticeable results. At Resulti, we analyze this data to anticipate consumer behavior and make adjustments to keep your website traffic growing.

How can I get my business ready for SEO?

Getting ready to hire a search engine optimization expert is easier than you may think. Prepare yourself and your team by getting organized. The first crucial step is determining who will be your point-of-contact with the SEO company. Make sure you choose someone who is known to reply quickly and stay on top of projects, as SEO is a long-term commitment that requires attention on both the client and SEO side. Keep things moving, as time lost is money lost! The next important step is figuring out where your content will come from. In-house content has the ability to be more specific, while content outsourced from the SEO company may require more direction but adhere to keywords more closely. Last but not least, prepare your website and potentially hire a web developer to make improvements. If a web developer is not hired to your company, make sure the SEO company has access to all accounts to make the necessary changes.

Here is a snapshot of the typical SEO services we offer at Resulti:

  • Competitive keyword research

  • Local business listing and directory registration

  • Creation of customized metadata for website pages and content

  • Official business profile creation for major search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo

  • Technical site audit for quality factors like mobile responsiveness

  • On-site text copy creation and ideation

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