Bad Digital Marketing Practices

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Using any of these banned digital marketing tactics could be a quick way to land your business in hot water. Google, along with other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, have terms of use for advertisers that you need to be aware of. These companies are not afraid to ban businesses that do not adhere to their guidelines. Avoid losing money from advertising bans and keep these suggestions in mind when adjusting your campaign.


Posting content that is prohibited.

All search engines have strict guidelines about what kind of content is allowed. Prohibited content usually includes anything illegal, like recreational drugs, explosives, certain weapons, or counterfeit goods. Curbing dishonesty is also important for search engines so they can keep customers returning for the right reasons. Don’t advertise anything providing dishonest services like hacking, document faking, or cheating assistance. Ignoring this advice can lead to an advertising ban on your business and loss of sales.


Irresponsible user data collection and use.

Digital marketing campaigns require a lot of personal data about website visitors. Each time a customer clicks or views something on your website, several sensitive data points are collected. Make sure your user data is kept under lock and key. Don’t share the data you collect with third parties unless given permission. Earning customers through search engine marketing requires integrity – customers will not want to engage with a store known for using data irresponsibly.


Improperly advertising legally regulated content.

Each state has its own treatment for legally restricted things like alcohol, tobacco, firearms, adult clubs, casinos, etc. Search engines must adhere to local guidelines and will not post ads if they are improperly marketing any of these restricted goods. Avoid rejected ads by making sure your goods are advertised correctly. Copyrighted material also falls under this legal regulation, so be wary of using unauthorized copyright content.


Advertisements lack creativity or use poor grammar/syntax.

All new ads are run through an editor to check for correct grammar, syntax, professionality, and clarity. Be a little creative here, as generic ads sometimes will not be approved. It will pay to go over each ad carefully before submitting, instead of wasting time waiting for your ad to be bounced back. Avoid using contrived, repetitive phrasing like, “Get your FREE sample here, where we have FREE samples each FREE Friday!” Not only would this ad be denied, it would detract customers if run.


Posting misleading content.

Although it is everyone’s mission to have their product or service appear as #1 in their area, it’s important to be realistic. Misleading consumers about your business is a quick way to have your ad campaign shut down. There is a reasonable expectation that all advertisers should clearly state what they’re advertising without trying to deceive customers.  These bad tactics take their form in hidden fees, unrealistic claims, unavailable offers, and false donation collection. If you need to use one of these practices to boost your business, it may be time to scrutinize your business rather than marketing tactics.


Padding your reviews.

Although writing a few fake reviews for your business may seem like a quick way to gain more traffic, do not do this! Most search engines have programs in place to catch fake reviews, and usually a keen consumer can tell, too. Instead, encourage your customers to write their own reviews. Organic praise is invaluable to any business!


Not following technical guidelines.

All ads must follow clear and easy formats. Any URLs in advertisements must lead to where the display URL implies, and the site must be functional. Adhere to all character limits and make phrasing fit within the limit, instead of trying to circumvent by extending a phrase over two headlines. This may break up your text in unintended ways on different platforms.


We hate to see time and money go to waste as a result of misguided search engine marketing tactics. Resulti Media LLC, an Irvine-based digital marketing company, specializes in driving leads and sales at a profitable cost for businesses. To learn more about our digital marketing services, visit our website or give us a call: (424) 253-5271.