Important Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

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Stay ahead of the trends with Resulti Media. We offer a cutting edge perspective on the digital media landscape guaranteed to increase traffic and interaction with your website. To remain ahead of the competition, it’s critical to use fresh strategies as they hit the industry. With the rise and fall of social media platforms, search engine behemoths, and new technology, there is frequent change to keep track of. Don’t get left behind – let the Resulti Media team employ the latest advertising tactics to your campaign!

Quality over quantity

Although it’s important to continuously post content to your website and social media streams, try not to overdo it. There’s no need to post daily if half of the posts from that week are repetitive or rambling. Weak content picks up little traffic and can detract customers, especially if the topic does not pertain to your business. Additionally, depending on your business format, your customers may be annoyed by frequent posting of superfluous information and unfollow as a result.

AI will play a bigger role

Artificial intelligence is crucial to making your business run quickly for cheaper. AI can perform the job of several employees, in far less time, to understand and influence customers towards your business. Instead of looking at consumer behavior in pieces and intuiting patterns, AI can aggregate and analyze the data at once. This leaves less room for error and bias, meaning better results in a fraction of the time.

Image optimization

Visual searches are becoming increasingly popular as consumers try to find products that other people are posting about. It’s important to have images coded and optimized for the actual content in the photo. Now, instead of having to find out the name after briefly seeing a photo of your product, consumers can reverse search your images and find all the information they need quickly.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Along with image optimization come AR and VR. For companies selling tangible goods or experiences, these new technologies will be priceless. Being able to place a good in your space, or place yourself in a setting without actually leaving your home are invaluable strategies. Stay on top of new ways to incorporate AR or VR into your business to spur new interest.

Smart devices

Alexa, Siri, and other “smart” devices open up a new side of the industry involving voice searches. Customers are asking their smart devices for suggestions, information, and even to make purchases. Make your business voice search accessible to the 72 million smart speaker users in the United States (eMarketer, 2019).

Video marketing

Video marketing is an excellent way to amplify any message related to your business. You can pack a surprising amount of content into a short video, educating consumers while also entertaining them. Use video marketing to give consumers insights into your brand that they wouldn’t normally have. Videos allow for a human touch – letting customers meet your team, get a feel for company culture, and connect with your business on a more personal level. In response to the rise of video marketing, social media platforms have started making their own “channels”, like Instagram’s IGTV. Mastery of these channels while they are still relatively new will keep your business ahead of the curve.

Social media “stories”

Similar to video marketing (but in much smaller pieces) are social media stories. These 10 second clips are the perfect way to keep content flowing frequently without inundating consumers’ feeds. Use your story to post any updates to your business or products. Engage with consumers on a more personal level by polling and asking questions through stories. This is a great way to market to the younger generation as social media is integrated into nearly every part of their daily lives.

We hate to see time and money go to waste as a result of misguided search engine marketing tactics. Resulti Media LLC, an Irvine-based digital marketing company, specializes in driving leads and sales at a profitable cost for businesses. To learn more about our digital marketing services, visit our website or give us a call: (424) 253-5271.