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Increase Sales, Not Just Traffic

Search advertising, also known as Pay-Per-Click (or Paid Search), is a uniquely high-intent digital advertising environment in which users are shown ads when searching online for specific phrases (keywords) which reveal intent to take action.

The success of a search advertising campaign relies upon surgical keyword selection and account planning, accompanied by a customized landing page experience that speaks directly to the intent of the user. From keyword research, to ad copy generation and account building, our objective with search advertising is to increase sales by reaching the highest-intent users with a compelling offer proposition.

Scaleable Pay Per Click Media Services

Resulti Media Google Ads PPC campaigns are built by seasoned media buyers with experience managing and reporting on Fortune 500 digital marketing programs. Whether our team is launching a new digital advertising program or relaunching, we utilize industry-leading account building tactics that factor for your target KPIs, the competitive keyword landscape, landing page conversion performance, and real time data to achieve scaleable growth with search ads.

Our process for developing a successful online advertising initiative relies upon data to inform our strategy and decision making process at every turn. Our media buyers monitor and optimize campaign performance intra-day and in real time. Receive daily or weekly performance reports, customized to highlight the key performance indicators that are most significant to your marketing and sales objectives.

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